Video teaser: How BRT Sorocaba uses Optibus to plan the public transportation of the future

Ana Letícia da Rosa

Ana Letícia da Rosa

August 9, 2023

The Optibus software platform is enhancing public transportation in many cities around the world, including across Brazil. Among our many Brazilian customers is BRT Sorocaba, the bus rapid transit system in São Paulo, which operates one of the most innovative public transportation networks in the country and which is an industry reference when it comes to the quality of their services. 


To further increase its efficiency, BRT Sorocaba chose Optibus' end-to-end platform for planning and scheduling its public transportation operations. Backed by Optibus’ artificial intelligence and optimization algorithms, BRT Sorocaba made its daily operation even more advanced, particularly when it comes to optimizing resources. 

To tell the full story of how BRT Sorocaba and Optibus are working together, Optibus is preparing a complete case study, to be released soon! In the meantime, we have prepared this video teaser so you can sneak a peek at what's coming. 

The full case study will dive deeper into this innovative collaboration between BRT Sorocaba and Optibus, including what daily challenges are involved in running bus rapid transit, the technological solutions implemented, and the positive impact of Optibus’ platform on the BRT Sorocaba operation.

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