Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Native Applications in the Public Transportation Industry

Eitan Yanovsky, Co-Founder and CTO

Eitan Yanovsky, Co-Founder and CTO

July 11, 2023

Cloud-native architecture has revolutionized software applications for the cloud. But how do you differentiate between cloud-native, on-premise, and cloud-hosted systems? To illustrate the distinction clearly, here’s an analogy that resonates with our business context.

Let's imagine you're a company manufacturing drinking bottles and you need to deliver them to various shops. Now, let's compare the different approaches to delivering your products:

Truck delivery on premise

On-Premise System:

This is like owning your own truck for delivery. You have complete control over the truck, but you're also responsible for its maintenance, repairs, and other operational aspects. You invest in the truck upfront and handle all the logistics involved in delivering your products. While it provides you with direct control, it requires significant resources and can limit your scalability and flexibility.

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Cloud-Hosted System:

Here, you lease a truck and outsource its maintenance to someone else. You still have the truck for a fixed period, typically 3-5 years. While you have some flexibility, you're limited by the number of trucks you have leased. This option allows you to focus on your core business of producing drinking bottles, but you may still face limitations in terms of scalability and adapting to changing demands. However, at the end of the day, despite the lease and outsourced maintenance, it's still the same truck.


Truck delivery Cloud native

Cloud-Native System:

This is like using a fully managed delivery service. You partner with experts in delivery who are always up to date with the latest technology and best practices. They provide delivery services at any scale and demand you require, while you can focus on producing your product. This approach offers the highest level of flexibility, scalability, and access to cutting-edge technology in the delivery space. You can quickly adapt to changes, scale your operations effortlessly, and benefit from continuous improvements in delivery efficiency.

With this understanding, we'll explore how a cloud-native platform like Optibus overcomes the limitations of on-premise legacy systems and cloud-hosted platforms. We'll delve into its inherent scalability, flexibility, and ease of management, highlighting the benefits it brings to transportation agencies and operators in handling growing volumes of data and user interactions.


Cloud-native platforms like Optibus are built to scale seamlessly and can handle increasing workloads by dynamically allocating resources based on demand. This means that as your transportation agency grows, the platform can easily adapt to handle higher volumes of data and user interactions. 

Optibus utilizes a distributed architecture that efficiently processes and manages large volumes of data. Instead of relying on a single server or limited infrastructure, our platform spreads the workload across multiple servers and resources. Unlike legacy or cloud-hosted systems that may require manual adjustments or complex infrastructure provisioning, Optibus can easily adapt to handle higher volumes of data and user interactions by leveraging the scalability of the cloud. This flexibility allows agencies to meet growing demands without disruptions or the need for extensive system modifications. 


This is a key advantage offered by cloud-native platforms such as Optibus. These platforms were built from the ground up for rapid development and seamless continuous updates and deployment of new features, allowing you to adapt quickly to your evolving agency needs and market dynamics.

By embracing Optibus, you gain access to the latest features and technological advancements, ensuring that your transportation agency remains at the forefront of innovation. With weekly updates and relevant new capabilities, the platform is always the most up-to-date version enabling you to unlock its full potential and maximize efficiency. It's like having a constant stream of enhancements tailored to your current usage, empowering you to achieve greater value and deliver exceptional results.


Cloud-native platforms are designed to be highly resilient. They incorporate fault tolerance mechanisms and automatic recovery processes, ensuring that if one component fails, the rest of the system can continue to function smoothly. As a result, downtime is minimized, and your agency can rely on consistent service delivery. On the other hand, cloud-hosted solutions resemble installing on-premise software on the cloud. While it may seem convenient, they lack the comprehensive capabilities and design optimized for the cloud environment. Consequently, they may not offer the same level of resilience as true cloud-native platforms, leading to potential service disruptions and dissatisfaction for your team. 

With a cloud-native platform like Optibus, the system's built-in resilience mechanisms help minimize downtime and ensure continuous operations. This improved reliability translates into a seamless experience for your passengers, enhancing their confidence in your transportation services.


When it comes to security, you have two options: cloud-native platforms and cloud-hosted solutions. Cloud-native platforms like Optibus are purpose-built for the cloud, incorporating robust cyber security monitoring and industry best practices. They are designed with security in mind from the ground up, ensuring the protection of your transit agency's sensitive data. On the other hand, cloud-hosted solutions often face challenges in adapting on-premise systems to the cloud's unique security requirements. These solutions attempt to retrofit security measures after the fact, leaving potential vulnerabilities and gaps in your defense.

Optibus stands out as a leader among cloud-native platforms. The platform incorporates multiple layers of protection, including secure data transmission, encryption, authentication, and access controls. Optibus proactively monitors security events, leveraging advanced threat intelligence and detection mechanisms to identify and respond to potential risks promptly. With Optibus, you can have peace of mind knowing that your agency's valuable data is safeguarded, allowing you to focus on delivering efficient and reliable transportation services.


Another crucial consideration, and unlike cloud-native platforms like Optibus, both cloud-hosted and on-premise systems were designed with finite servers in mind, they fail to fully harness the true potential of the cloud's infinite compute power. These platforms lack the advantage of dedicated algorithms that fully leverage this unique property of the cloud. As a result, they may face limitations in terms of scalability, resource allocation, and potential performance bottlenecks.

By utilizing cloud-native resources and infinite compute power, Optibus can achieve outstanding performance for a single optimization run. Unlike other platforms that scale resources based on usage and multiple users, Optibus focuses both on scale according to usage but more importantly, on optimizing resources specifically for a single user. This dedication to individual optimization ensures that every user benefits from the full potential of the platform.

In conclusion, choosing the right technology platform for your transportation agency is a critical decision that can significantly impact your operational efficiency, innovation capabilities, scalability, security, and overall success. While cloud-hosted and on-premise systems have their advantages, they often come with limitations and challenges that can hinder your agency's growth and competitiveness. On the other hand, cloud-native platforms like Optibus offer a comprehensive solution that combines the benefits of scalability, flexibility, resilience, security, performance, and continuous innovation. 

By embracing cloud-native architecture, you can unlock new possibilities, streamline operations, deliver exceptional services to your customers, and stay ahead of the ever-evolving transportation landscape. Don't just settle for outdated solutions or partial cloud implementations; choose the power of cloud-native platforms like Optibus to transform your agency into a modern, agile, and customer-centric organization.

If you have any questions or need further information about our platform, its capabilities, or how it can benefit your agency, our team is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be delighted to assist you.

Additionally, we invite you to download our comprehensive security white paper, written by our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This white paper provides in-depth insights into our robust security measures, protocols, and best practices implemented within our cloud-native platform. It offers valuable information to help you understand how we prioritize the protection of your data and ensure the highest level of security for your agency's operations. 

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