Volvo Buses & Optibus Announce Strategic Partnership

Abigail Levner

Abigail Levner

July 9, 2024

Optibus, a leading software platform for planning and operating more efficient, sustainable public transportation networks, today announced a strategic partnership with Volvo Buses, a business division of the Swedish manufacturer Volvo Group, and one of the world's leading providers of sustainable public transport systems.

Through the partnership, Volvo Buses will provide customers in select markets with easy access to Optibus’ innovative, new connected services and offer integrated digital solutions for improved operational efficiency, fleet management, sustainability, and business transformation. 

Amos Haggiag, Optibus CEO and co-founder, and Anna Westerberg, President of Volvo Buses, shake hands at the signing of their partnership agreement
Amos Haggiag, Optibus CEO and co-founder, and Anna Westerberg, President of Volvo Buses, shake hands at the signing of their partnership agreement 

Tackling Data Connectivity Challenges

As bus operators focus on enhancing operational efficiency and visibility, the process of moving data between systems — from OEM systems to management platforms — can be extremely challenging and time-consuming due to the presence of 'walled gardens', also known as closed data ecosystems.

Through joint discovery efforts, Volvo Buses and Optibus aim to develop synergies to address these challenges in order to allow smoother data transfer and access, enhancing overall system connectivity and user experience.

Commitment to Digitalization and Innovation

The partnership underscores Volvo Buses’ commitment to leveraging digital technologies to increase value and innovation of people transportation. 

“Our strategy is to create partnerships with companies at the forefront of digital development that will further strengthen our connected services offer,” says Vinicius Gaensly, Business Development & Partnerships Director at Volvo Buses.

“Bus operators need a specialized, innovative platform to support their transition toward digitalization,” said Amos Haggiag, CEO and co-founder of Optibus. “Through our partnership with Volvo Buses, we aim to not only enhance our capabilities but also forge significant strategic learning and growth opportunities. Optibus is committed to creating partnerships that empower bus operators to leverage such developments, driving innovation, improving service delivery and ultimately a better passenger experience.”


About Volvo Buses
Volvo Buses is a leader in the development of sustainable public transport solutions and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium buses, coaches and bus chassis. Volvo Buses has sales in 85 countries and a global service network with more than 1,500 dealerships and workshops. Production facilities are found in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

About Optibus
Optibus is a unified software platform for public transportation planning, scheduling, rostering, operations, and passenger information. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and optimization algorithms, Optibus helps transportation agencies and operators in thousands of cities in 35 countries to design more efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation networks.


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