LVL Jäger – Using bus routing and scheduling software to transform business

Rene Mueller

Rene Mueller

June 18, 2020
LVL Jäger operates 88 vehicles with 222 employees in Ludwigsburg, Kornwestheim and Asperg in Germany. In addition, their services reach Remsweg and Waiblingen.

Prior to Optibus

Ms. Carry Buchholz, GM and Managing Partner at LVL Jäger describes the operation prior to choosing Optibus. “Most work was done using manual edits on on-premise software or in spreadsheets, with only one employee having the expertise to perform planning and scheduling work”. At that point, LVL Jäger was planning to grow its operation (by bidding and winning more routes) and understood it needed to modernize its planning and scheduling platform. Besides the additional growth in its routes and buses, LVL Jäger saw the opportunity to grow the competence of the organization as a whole and have more employees develop scheduling expertise. This would facilitate dialogue within the company about operational decisions and allow the company as a whole to better understand the scenarios the company is facing and their implications. At this point it was clear that LVL Jäger needed a modern platform that is user friendly so that they can create, design, operate and evolve their business as well as have the competency to make good decisions.


Choosing Optibus

Commenting on the choice, Ms Buchholz mentioned that “Optibus allows us to be more flexible in how we work. We can easily redo existing plans, schedules and rosters and set up new routes a lot faster. More importantly, we can communicate faster and easier with government officials and agencies and show them different scenarios to understand changes they want to implement in services and arrive at decisions that work better for everyone. What’s best that most of these discussions are almost one click away, as opposed to long work cycles”. As to the deployment of the Optibus transportation management platform, Ms Buchholz added that “the timeframe for the setup and the subsequent production of the first optimization was extremely short. The Optibus team are very passionate, professional and love what they are doing and the results are exceptional, we were able to break the previous stiff existing structures and work more flexibly”.

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