Free Scooters, Electric Bikes And Hoverboards at Optibus

Amy Vogel

Amy Vogel

July 16, 2018


At Optibus, we believe that our technology is making a difference by optimizing transportation systems to create a more efficient, green, commuter-friendly world. What kind of company would we be if we didn’t live out that philosophy ourselves? Externally, we are helping our clients provide the best possible transportation services. Internally, we are helping our employees utilize these public transportation systems.

Every Optibus employee who commutes into Tel Aviv at least four times per week receives an electric scooter, electric bike, or hoverboard. The majority so far have chosen the trendy electric scooter. “I knew that a good transit experience is a great perk for employees – great employee shuttle services are something people love, even more than free food. I also knew that employees can fall in love with taking public transit to work, but only if I solve the first/last mile problem. The decision to offer any employee that uses public transit a free electric vehicle of their choice was a natural result of that understanding,” says Amos Haggiag, Co-Founder and CEO of Optibus.

The “last mile” problem describes the difficulty that many commuters face by taking public transportation when their origin and/or destination is not close to a transportation hub. A long walking distance to/from the bus or train, or multiple required transfers, poses an inconvenience that pushes some commuters towards driving, rather than taking the train or the bus.

By giving our employees access to a two-wheeler like a scooter or bike, we are addressing the first/last mile problem that our commuters face by encouraging convenient multi-modal transit. This way, everybody in the office can make good use of the public transit at their disposal, without worrying about how they will get home from the train or bus station.

“It was a natural decision to offer this as a perk, and it was even easier since as a company we want to make mass transit better and grow mass transit ridership. Getting employees to use public transit and stop using their cars to get to work drives home the message that we want to make public transit (and the world) better, and that employees will end up liking mass transit as much as I do,” says Haggiag.

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