2019 In Transportation Innovation At Optibus

Ram Greenberg

Ram Greenberg

December 19, 2019


Hop aboard to see a few of the ways we brought innovation to mass transit in 2019.

Sneak a peek at one of our 2020 highlights at the bottom.

This year we made it possible to plan routes directly on up-to-date maps that integrate with the timetable, enabled multiroute planning to improve service and boost ridership, and combined our super-fast optimization for crew and vehicle schedules with increasingly speedy manual editing.

Transportation agencies and operators who use a cloud-native planning and scheduling platform already know that it fosters easy collaboration with colleagues and other stakeholders.

But transportation providers need to work not just with other people, but also with various protocols, and this year we not only increased our integration capabilities but also made integration simpler than ever with an easy-to-use protocol wizard.

Can’t wait for more transportation innovation in 2020!

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