Transport for Wales chooses Optibus for planning their bus network using AI

Abigail Levner

Abigail Levner

May 30, 2023

Transport for Wales (TfW) has selected Optibus, an AI-powered transportation management software, to help deliver the ambitions of the One Network, One Timetable, One Ticket: Planning Buses as a Public Service for Wales white paper, which outlines the Welsh Government's vision to transform bus service delivery across Wales and establish a bus system that maximises sustainability and social impact. 

Using Optibus’ software, Transport for Wales will work closely with all 22 local authorities and bus operators to design its public transport network to better serve Wales’ residents and the more than 52 million passengers who travel on buses in Wales each year. 

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The decision marks a significant milestone in TfW’s goal to increase the number of journeys made by active travel or public transport to 45% by 2040, as set out in the 2021 Wales Transport Strategy

Optibus will play a leading role in digitising Wales' bus network, replacing traditional manual methods with powerful tools and capabilities, including artificial intelligence, optimisation algorithms, cloud computing, rapid scenario generation, and more. The ability to analyse demographic data alongside the route network will enable TfW to enhance service quality and make services more accessible, especially in areas that are reliant on public transport.

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Lee Robinson, Development of Mid, North and Rural Wales Director at TfW said: “Working closely with our partners in local authorities and bus operators, Optibus will play a key role in helping us build a reliable, efficient, and sustainable bus network that serves passengers across Wales. The software’s ability to digitise the network and timetables quickly and test scenarios that result in the most effective operational decisions has been a revelation. We will be able to accurately model the delivery of the entire network in a single tool.”

Optibus CEO and co-founder Amos Haggiag said: “It is an honour to be chosen as the planning and scheduling software for Transport for Wales, and to take part in this historical chapter for advancing public transportation in Wales.”

Optibus is a leading provider of route planning software and transportation scheduling software for private sector transport operators in the UK, optimising the movement of over 70% of the buses across the country.

In Optibus Planning product, agencies and cities can create optimal timetables that meet their business goals, as well as optimizing for on-time performance (OTP) and service level needs (4) (1)

In Optibus' Planning product, agencies and cities can create optimal timetables that meet their business goals, as well as optimise for on-time performance (OTP) and service level needs.


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