Swiftly’s Accurate Run-Time Data Now Available in Optibus Platform

Alina Matsa

Alina Matsa

April 25, 2024

To enable agencies to leverage high-quality data sets that improve on-time performance and service reliability, historical run-time data from Swiftly — the cutting-edge transit data platform — is now available in Optibus’ Performance Suite.

How the Optibus & Swiftly Integration Works

Public transit agencies that use both Swiftly’s Run-Times and Optibus’ Performance Suite can now quickly and seamlessly import Swiftly’s historical run-time data directly into the Optibus Platform, creating a reliable source of truth for analyzing and optimizing timetables

Swiftly Run-Times offers agencies highly accurate running time data for every historical trip an agency makes, providing high precision to analyze actual run-times against scheduled run-times.

Previously, planners and schedulers had to switch between multiple platforms to interpret historical operational data and make manual adjustments. This process of toggling between multiple platforms is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to human error. With the new integration, users can now access Swiftly’s historical run-time data within Optibus’ intuitive, user-friendly interface. This enables agencies to efficiently analyze operational insights and timetables via Optibus’ Performance Suite, evaluate the likelihood of on-time arrivals, and adjust schedules to ensure reliable, efficient services – all in one place.

Optibus Predictive Runtimes 

Benefits of the Integration

  • Improved Service Reliability and Efficiency: Leverage Optibus’ ability to analyze Swiftly’s historical data and make necessary changes to improve on-time performance (OTP) based on predictions.
    • Make changes to timetables quickly using Optibus’ intuitive interface and leverage its prediction scores that rate the likelihood of arriving at stops on time.
    • Ensure robust, complete arrival and departure data with Swiftly’s Auto-Assigner and ability to input multiple GPS sources.
    • Leverage Swiftly’s ability to determine departure times without relying on geofences.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Leverage existing datasets to analyze and predict service performance, make adjustments, and enhance punctuality.
  • Enhanced Passenger Experience: Address complaints and build trust with passengers by improving network reliability, leading to increased ridership.
  • Strengthened Relationships with Bus Service Providers: Provide bus service providers with optimized timetables to facilitate more efficient schedule creation.

To learn more about this powerful new integration or to request a demo, contact us today. 


About Swiftly

Swiftly is a transit data platform for agencies to share real-time passenger information, manage day-to-day operations, and improve service performance. Today, over 150 transit agencies in 10 countries – including Metro (Los Angeles), MARTA (Atlanta), SEPTA (Philadelphia), and MBTA (Boston) – use Swiftly to increase passenger information accuracy by up to 50% and analyze transit data up to 90% faster.

About Optibus

Optibus is a unified software platform for public transportation planning, scheduling, rostering, operations, and passenger information. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and optimization algorithms, Optibus helps transportation agencies and operators in thousands of cities in 35 countries to design more efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation networks. 

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