Optibus and HITOUCH partner to help transportation operators modernize visual communication systems

Abigail Levner

Abigail Levner

July 18, 2023

Optibus, an end-to-end public transportation planning and operations platform, and HITOUCH, a highly innovative consulting and information technology provider, are partnering to revolutionize how public transportation operators communicate service information to passengers. The collaboration aims to bring a new level of ease and speed in transforming data into sophisticated, state-of-the-art route displays, network maps, and timetables. HiTouch - Optibus partnership blog (1500 × 875 px) (1)Designing passenger information systems is an art form. But not every transportation operator has the time, experience, or budget to take all the different service data points (times, route number, location, connections, etc.) and create information designs on par with Harry Beck’s iconic London Tube map or Lausanne’s innovative multimodal map. Part of the issue lies in the market. Today’s passenger communication tools are either outdated or manual and require a substantial amount of time and effort to handle. Those slow processes also limit operators’ agility in quickly updating information to reflect service changes.  

Combining Optibus' comprehensive platform with HITOUCH's visualization solution  “geo.zpheres”, the partnership simplifies the workflow for converting service data into modern, easy-to-understand information materials. Transportation operators of all backgrounds will gain the ability to seamlessly go from planning services to creating stunning passenger information displays in just a few clicks. This automation will be a game-changer, saving users substantial time and effort, and enabling them to focus on delivering an exceptional and reliable passenger experience.

"The passenger experience isn’t just about the ride. It’s also about how easily passengers can understand service information. Through this partnership with HITOUCH, creating state-of-the-art beautiful passenger information displays becomes possible for all transportation professionals at the click of a button. We are thrilled to join forces with HITOUCH to revolutionize passenger communication and design," said Amos Haggiag, CEO and co-founder of Optibus.

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Creating route displays, network maps, and timetables that passengers can easily and quickly understand is key to improving their experience on public transportation.

“Creating an intelligent transportation system isn’t just about planning and operations. It’s also about passenger communication. HITOUCH is excited to partner with Optibus to enable operators to design easy-to-understand passenger information systems with geo.zpheres in a highly automated way,” said Oliver Westphal, CEO of HITOUCH.

HITOUCH brings to the partnership extensive experience in transportation projects worldwide, with experts that have worked with renowned organizations such as Société de transport de Montréal, Royal Commission for Riyadh City, Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai, Transport for London, Land Transport Authority of Singapore, and the Transport Authority of Zurich.

The Optibus - HITOUCH partnership supports Optibus' mission to expand its offerings and become the most comprehensive, end-to-end software platform for all transportation planning and operations needs. It reinforces Optibus’ move into passenger communication systems with its acquisition of Trillium, a leading provider of public transportation passenger information systems, in 2022. 


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