Meet Neta, Scrum Master, in our R&D Interview Series

Anna Mohn

Anna Mohn

August 31, 2023

At Optibus, we are proud to bring together some of the brightest and most passionate minds in the transportation technology industry. To showcase the incredible talent within our team and offer valuable insights to aspiring R&D Engineers, we are thrilled to present the new Optibus R&D Interview Series.

In this exclusive series, we provide a platform for our R&D engineers to share their personal experiences, motivations, and the fascinating aspects of their daily work at Optibus. We aim to showcase the exciting projects and initiatives our R&D engineers are involved in, highlighting the challenges they face and the innovative solutions they create.

Today, Neta Tuvian, Scrum Master in the Planning Team, shares some of her insights with us.

Meet Neta

What is your job at Optibus and what is a typical work day like? What are some interesting aspects of your daily work?

My job is Scrum Master in the Planning team. There is almost no such thing as a typical working day because the work is so varied. I'm focused on facilitating all Scrum events (like daily, sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retro, etc), removing dependencies and blockers for the development team, helping to improve communication among team members, and coordinating with the Product manager to ensure that the backlog is groomed and ready for the next sprint.

Also, I communicate with other departments and stakeholders, analyze metrics to understand our team's performance and think about ways to improve our processes.

Why did you choose to work at Optibus? What attracted you to the company and its mission?

I chose to work at Optibus because it combines my passion for technology, process improvement (Agile) and the meaningful mission to optimize public transportation around the world. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Optibus? 

I really enjoy the combination of technological innovation, and working with great skilled people in a dynamic environment. 

Also, I enjoy the fact that my role gives me the chance to impact both internal and external processes and make them more efficient and of higher quality.

What opportunities for growth and professional development does Optibus provide to its developers? Can you share any experiences you've had in terms of advancing your skills and knowledge? 

At Optibus, developers are given opportunities for growth and professional development. One of the standout features is the development plan. Every sprint, which lasts two weeks, allocates 10% of dedicated time purely for skill enhancement and learning. Every six months, there's a check-in to ensure that the growth plan is on track, and if needed, adjustments are made to better align with our goals.

Furthermore, Optibus places a strong emphasis on fostering female leadership. I've personally benefited from the "Women in Leadership" mentoring program. I have a mentor who meets with me weekly, providing guidance and insights. This mentorship has been instrumental in honing my skills and guiding me toward achieving my career aspirations. This combination of structured learning and personal mentorship ensures continuous growth and advancement at Optibus.

How does Optibus promote diversity and inclusion within the R&D team? How does this contribute to a more robust and inclusive work environment?

Optibus hires people from diverse backgrounds in its R&D team. By giving everyone an equal chance, allowing flexible work hours, and encouraging sharing between team members, the company creates a friendly and open workplace. This mix of different views and backgrounds helps the team work better together and come up with new ideas that appeal to many people from many different cultures, worldwide.

What do you think makes Optibus a great place for R&D engineers to grow and build a long-term career? 

Optibus is a great place for R&D engineers. Here, we get to leverage the latest technology and are integral parts of a friendly team. Each of us receives a customized development plan, crafted to aid us in learning and performing at our best in our roles. The company really cares about helping its engineers grow, making it effortless for us to envision a prosperous and enduring career with the company.

Any hobbies in life? 

Walking along the beach :)


We hope this interview provides valuable insights. Stay connected as we continue to unveil each interview, shedding light on the excellence and innovation that drive Optibus forward in the transportation technology landscape. If you're interested in joining our team: Explore opportunities at

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