Join Optibus at IT-Trans: Explore our thriving partner ecosystem

Saskia Richter

Saskia Richter

April 22, 2024

Uniting for Impact: Our Ecosystem Vision

Our partner ecosystem empowers transportation agencies and operators with a seamless solution covering every aspect of public transportation management. Transportation operators often expend an unnecessary amount of time and effort sourcing and integrating separate systems, on top of the complexity of scaling operations amidst lengthy procurement processes. Outdated manual tools amplify the challenge by producing errors, wasting valuable time, and requiring substantial effort.

Through our partner ecosystem, we aim to address these challenges by combining the best solutions in the market, fostering collaboration and enhancing cross-team efficiency. By leveraging integrations, we facilitate unified solutions, streamline workflows, enable smoother data exchange between platforms to amplify the overall impact. This fosters innovation and maximizes value for transportation agencies and operators. 

Our ecosystem encompasses various segments that are crucial for efficient public transport management, including performance and contract management, control and monitoring, charging management, real-time operations, and more. 

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Driving Towards a Sustainable Future: Optibus' Focus on EVs and Electrification

At this year’s IT-Trans event, Optibus is proudly highlighting our commitment to sustainability with a focus on electric vehicles (EVs) and their integration into public transportation. From strategic planning to operational execution, our approach addresses the unique challenges of electrification, emphasizing the optimization of routes, battery management, and charging strategies to ensure efficiency and sustainability. This not only achieves cost savings, CO2 reductions, and maximizes the value of EV investments but also enhances fleet reliability and safety. Our holistic strategy benefits both operators and public transportation authorities (PTAs), promoting a cooperative environment for data sharing and decision-making via the Optibus platform. By prioritizing EVs and electrification, Optibus showcases its dedication to advancing public transportation as a model of environmental responsibility and operational excellence.


Spotlight on Our Strategic Partners

ioki: Enabling digital solutions for sustainable mobility

Since 2017, ioki has led Europe in pioneering digital mobility and autonomous driving in public transportation. Serving over five million passengers with more than 150 services since starting business, ioki is the DACH region’s market leader. Projects like hvv hop and Germany’s first self-driving bus in Bad Birnbach highlight the company’s mission to digitize public transportation. ioki offers solutions for demand-responsive and regular public transportation services, data-based transport planning and digital navigation applications for public buses, enabling digital solutions for sustainable mobility.

This collaboration enables cities and operators to plan holistically, integrate services, and adapt to evolving transportation needs. The result is more accessible, inclusive, efficient, and environmentally sustainable public transportation.

Datik: The ultimate operational command solution

Datik revolutionizes public transportation with its iPanel system, combining  on-bus hardware with cloud software to enhance real-time operations, monitoring bus health, facilitating driver communication, and improving passenger experience.

The collaboration between Datik and Optibus significantly improves real-time fleet and service management. By integrating optimized timetables, schedules, and duty assignments from the Optibus software system directly into Datik’s iPanel, operators can monitor adherence to all KPIs, seamlessly communicate with drivers, monitor vehicle occupancy, and keep passengers informed throughout their journey. This all leads to operational scaling, compliance, and enhanced passenger satisfaction. This partnership fosters a more efficient and responsive public transportation system, highlighting the combined commitment of Datik and Optibus to advancing public transportation.


Experience Innovation Firsthand

As we gear up for IT-Trans with our partners ioki and Datik, we're not just showcasing solutions; we're inviting you to join us in a movement towards smarter, more efficient public transportation. Together, let's drive towards a future where every journey is better than the last.

Come see Optibus and our partners in action in hall 1 at booth E40. Our live demos are not just demonstrations; they're a glimpse into the future of mobility, highlighting how integrated solutions can dramatically enhance public transportation operations and passenger experiences alike.

Engage with the minds leading the change, explore groundbreaking solutions, and find inspiration in how we can help you overcome real-world challenges. Whether you're steering a transport authority, managing operations, or nurturing a passion for tech, there's something transformative waiting for you.


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Book your personal meeting during IT-Trans today and ensure your exclusive insights into the integrations of Optibus and our partners. Space is limited. In case you cannot attend the show, don’t hesitate to reserve your personal online demo now.