Innovating Together: Christina Brinck on Volvo's Investment in Optibus

Anna Mohn

Anna Mohn

June 18, 2024

Christina Brinck_10 Y interview seriesAs Optibus celebrates its 10th anniversary, we delve into the strategic investment and collaboration with Volvo Group Venture Capital through the insights of Christina Brinck, President of Volvo Group Venture Capital and a key investor in Optibus. Christina is not only pivotal in financial decisions but also a valued partner in innovation. Recently, she served as a juror in our annual Hackathon, offering her insights on the Optibus innovations with the greatest impact. In this interview, Christina discusses the strategic rationale behind investing in Optibus, the evolving relationship between Volvo and Optibus, and the future milestones they aim to achieve together.


Could you explain what specifically attracted Volvo Group Venture Capital to invest in Optibus, considering the dynamic nature of the public transportation industry?

Christina Brinck: Volvo Buses and Optibus address the same type of customers with different and complementary offerings. We can learn a lot from each other. The dialogues with customers range from buses and software to transport solutions.

How has the partnership between Volvo and Optibus developed since its inception, and what are the strategic benefits you foresee in continuing this relationship?

Christina Brinck: The partnership has developed very well; it has its foundation in a shared vision of the benefits sustainable transport systems bring to society. It is built on a willingness to jointly explore different market opportunities. There is potential for continued collaboration in select markets and future co-development of services.

How do Volvo's and Optibus' corporate cultures complement each other, especially given Optibus' rapid scale-up over the last decade?

Christina Brinck: The two companies have similar visions aiming for long-term sustainable transport solutions, yet they have many differences, such as background, size, and company culture. Both organizations can learn from each other, which ultimately can lead to fine-tuning and improvements of their respective customer offers.

How does Optibus' approach to innovation complement Volvo's strategies in electrification and digitalization of transportation?

Christina Brinck: To simplify, Optibus gathers routing data and Volvo gathers vehicle-centric data. Mutual understanding of the insights and optimization opportunities the different types of data bring can drive electrification and digitalization of the market.

What milestones are you most excited to achieve together with Optibus in the next decade?

Christina Brinck: The day when Optibus becomes the global market leader in software solutions for public transportation.


As we look ahead to the future, it's clear that the partnership between Volvo Group Venture Capital and Optibus is built on a foundation of shared vision and mutual benefit. Christina Brinck's insights highlight the strategic reasons behind the investment and the broader impact that sustainable and innovative transportation solutions can have on society. With continued collaboration and a commitment to innovation, both Volvo and Optibus are poised to achieve significant milestones, making a lasting positive impact on the world of public transportation. Here's to another decade of success and transformative growth.

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