TMS Using Optibus to Provide Global Event Transport Solutions

Optibus Team

Optibus Team

May 30, 2021

Optibus is pleased to welcome Transportation Management Services (TMS) to the Optibus community!  

Over the past twenty-five years, TMS has provided industry-leading transportation solutions for 4,000 events in over 250 cities across the globe, including corporate events for Google and Ford, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, NBA, and PGA Golf Events. If you attended and used a shuttle at any of these events, you may be one of the over 75 million attendees that got where they needed to go because of TMS.



In addition, TMS provides crucial emergency transportation services for government agencies. 

TMS approached Optibus seeking optimization solutions for vehicle and crew scheduling and to speed up new scenario generation. Using Optibus’ Planning, Scheduling, Roster, Analytics, and EV modules, TMS will be able to reduce costs and work times and become more competitive in bidding for tenders.


Cloud-Based Tools for Global Collaboration

Remote work is nothing new for TMS. The company’s global presence requires schedulers to work together from different locations to manage multiple events simultaneously. Seeking to upgrade their digital collaboration tools, TMS will use Optibus’ cloud-native platform to enable schedulers to collaborate faster and better in real-time on a single, comprehensive platform for all their planning and scheduling needs. 

Because Optibus is cloud-based, all TMS schedulers will benefit from automatic product features and upgrades at the same time. 

Use Optibus rostering to create quality weekly shifts for drivers, ensuring their long term retention and satisfaction, while keeping operating costs under control.

“Switching to Optibus was an important step in enhancing our schedulers’ collaboration across locations and boosting their ability to create more efficient services, faster, under tight deadlines,” said Kevin O’Connor, President at TMS. 


Saving Time and Costs on Vehicle Leasing 

As the USA’s largest private procurer of charter coaches, TMS partners with over 2,000 fleets to lease vehicles for events, some of which require more than 500 vehicles per day. 

Optibus’ optimization tools will enable TMS to budget smarter than ever and minimize vehicle leasing costs, while ensuring that their customers have the most efficient operations possible. 

TMS will also become more agile and effective in vehicle and crew scheduling. Using Optibus’ Rapid Scenario Creation tool, TMS can generate new scenarios in minutes, rather than the weeks it could take on their former system. The upgrade means TMS schedulers can work faster and more efficiently, enabling them to produce and change services under tight deadlines.


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