Deutsche Bahn Subsidiary ioki Partners With Optibus to Help Integrate Fixed-Route and On-Demand Transportation in Europe

Optibus Team

Optibus Team

February 18, 2021


Deutsche Bahn subsidiary ioki is partnering with cloud-native AI platform Optibus to jointly accelerate the seamless integration of fixed-route and on-demand transportation in the DACH region and the rest of Europe. 

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The partnership brings together two leading data-driven solutions for digital mobility to kick off the transformation process in Europe: ioki, the market leader for on-demand mobility in the DACH region, and Optibus, which powers complex transit operations in over 450 cities globally. 

Sample roster for fixed-route and on-demand
Sample roster combining fixed-route and on-demand services.

The partnership is a big win for communities of all sizes, from cities to rural areas. It paves the way for highly individualised, passenger-centric public transport by providing an integrated platform that enables cities, public transport authorities and operators to easily evaluate multiple means of transport. At the same time, it provides the efficiencies of scale that come with using a holistic planning and optimisation approach for multiple types of transportation services.

While fixed routes serve as the backbone of public transport operations, on-demand service complements fixed-route operations by providing additional flexibility that meets passenger needs while improving transport quality and operational efficiency. For instance, on-demand service can fill in the gaps in suburban or rural areas and increase accessibility, as well as provide first-mile and last-mile solutions for passengers who need it. 

Sample schedule combining fixed-route and on-demand services.
Sample schedule combining fixed-route and on-demand services.

“Mobility services are successful when they are flexible and tailor-made to the needs of the passenger. Our partnership with Optibus enables us to provide our customers with a holistic approach that meets any need of public transport, be it schedule-based or on-demand,” says Dr. Michael Barillère-Scholz, CEO of ioki. 

The partnership also marks a milestone for seamless platform integration in the transportation industry – a crucial step in bringing greater collaboration, speed, transparency and agility to the mass transportation industry.

“ioki and Optibus are working together to help build the transportation ecosystem of the future,” said Optibus CEO and co-founder Amos Haggiag. “We’re excited to get our on-demand partnership program off to a strong start in Europe by joining forces with ioki. Integrating on-demand and fixed-route transportation platforms is better for cities and communities of all kinds, it’s better for transportation providers, and most important, it’s better for passengers.” 

Sample map combining fixed-route and on-demand services.
Sample map combining fixed-route and on-demand services.

About ioki GmbH 

ioki develops smart mobility solutions for the future. Whether for transport companies, local authorities or businesses, whether in rural areas or in the city: as an expert for mobility analyses, the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary identifies needs and provides data-based advice for the planning of new services. With the help of its intelligent platform, the DB business unit, as a technology partner, also enables flexible on-demand mobility that is integrated into public transport, thus strengthening public transport in the long term. ioki supports its customers from A to Z: from identifying meaningful areas of use to the development of a user-friendly app to the actual implementation on the road. In this way, mobility becomes accessible for everyone, anytime and anywhere – sustainable, accessible and demand-responsive. ioki is the market leader for on-demand mobility in the DACH region and has already successfully launched more than 35 projects across Europe.

About Optibus 

Optibus is an AI platform that brings much-needed innovation to the essential mobility mode at the heart of our cities: public transportation. Optibus leverages a robust combination of artificial intelligence, advanced optimization algorithms and distributed cloud computing to make public transportation smarter, better and more efficient – and ultimately nourish freedom of movement and sustainable cities. A cloud-native SaaS company founded in 2014, Optibus powers complex transit operations in over 450 cities around the world, planning and scheduling the movement of vehicles and drivers to improve the quality and reliability of transit service and make operations more efficient. Optibus has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer (2020) and by Gartner as a Cool Vendor (2018). It has offices in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and São Paulo.

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