Creating “The Source” as a Guide to Help Transit Agencies Navigate Public Policy

Crissy Ditmore

Crissy Ditmore

October 27, 2021

I’m excited to share “The Source” — a free guide aimed at helping agencies navigate the ever-changing policies that govern transit operations — with you all. 

As part of our commitment to building genuine partnerships within the industry, this resource provides insight into how to align grant messaging with new goals within administrative programs of the Biden administration.

It includes other best practices that can help attract riders, and demonstrate solutions that respond to the strategic direction offered by the Federal Transit Administration as well as the Department of Transportation.

Optibus is experiencing phenomenal growth across the globe, fueled by uncertainty in transit operations. When operators participate in one of our demos and see that they can run multiple scenarios in minutes — rather than days or weeks — they know that partnering with us can help them manage the day-to-day changes that have become the norm.

Ridership continues to fluctuate, funding comes in waves, driver shortages cause service shortfalls — it’s all a tsunami of change. When you consider the macro challenges and zoom into the micro, you can see the individual employees, each experiencing their own “most difficult year” in various ways.

We may not have experienced the same pandemic, but no one has escaped experiencing it. No matter what that may look like on an individual level, our own employees have also been affected by the stories of stress, and trying to operate in such difficult conditions.

The sheer velocity of the past two years has our team working as hard and fast as they can to ensure swift transitions to our service. We are grateful for the business, and delighted that customers have such a positive experience working with us that they refer our platform to neighboring agencies.

This has led our team members down a path of identifying additional ways we can assist. The goal is to identify areas that are common problems, and offer our own experience where it makes sense, and invest in some activities that support our partners as they continue the hard work of keeping transit running.

The Source is the first of several new initiatives that we will be rolling out over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those announcements as well.

For now, you can download this guide as our “thank you” to an industry that continues to do extraordinary work, in defiance of so much stacked against it. 

Head here to download The Source. I also welcome you to subscribe to the Optibus newsletter, where you can look forward to monthly updates from our team, including policy updates pertaining to the US transportation industry.


Crissy Ditmore

Head of Public Policy, North America

Topics: Announcements, Transportation