A Decade of Impact II: Breakthrough from start-up idea to software on the ground

Abigail Levner

Abigail Levner

May 6, 2024

2024 marks a significant milestone for Optibus: our tenth anniversary as a company and a decade of commitment to innovating an industry that positively impacts billions of people everyday: public transportation. 

The “Decade of Impact” blog series dives into Optibus’ evolution, where we are today, and our vision for the future. We hope it brings everyone in the Optibus community closer to the positive impact you make on the world, and inspires more people to join us in making public transportation better. Together. 


Following the development of Optibus’ initial software solution, it was time to put those algorithms into action and test their ability to optimize decision-making in a real world context. Early on, Optibus saw many public transportation providers share its vision of bringing innovation to planning and scheduling. The potential impact of its technology quickly gained traction with large operators like Keolis, MV, and First Bus, which were among the company’s first clients. These operators are still with Optibus today as clients and partners in public transportation innovation, and their early sign-on helped validate the software to the market.Copy of City Count (GIF) (1320 x 1080 px)Since then, Optibus has gone on to work with agencies and operators around the world. By 2017, three years after Optibus’ founding, the software hit a milestone of being used to plan and schedule public transportation in 200 cities. Today, that city count has increased 30 times over to 6,000 cities in more than 35 countries, including the USA, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. In the UK, 70% of buses are operated using Optibus.

Optibus has also adapted its technology to support more mobility types (like ferries) and is optimizing entire public transportation systems on a citywide level in places like Santiago, Chile, Porto Alegre and Manaus in Brazil, and Akita City, Japan.

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More than seven billion passenger trips happen annually on these public transportation networks designed or operated using Optibus. That highlights the massive impact that Optibus and its clients bring to sustainably and efficiently connecting people to education, work, community, healthcare, and more, everyday.

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